Saturday, February 11, 2012

Germany Opts Not To Condone Internet Censorship

Germany will not sign an international anti-piracy treaty government sources in Berlin said.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), initiated by the United States and Japan, seeks to protect intellectual property rights, “including infringement taking place in the digital environment.”

It was signed by the European Union and 22 of its 27 member states.

Hero Anonymous Derails Criminals In Action (CIA) Website

Traditionally known as F**kFBIFriday eve turned into F**kCIAFriday, as hacktivists downed the official website for the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States

­At approximately 3:10 p.m. Eastern time one of twitter accounts related to the hackers’ group announced “ DOWN. #UMAD?#Anonymous.”

The CIA website became the latest victim in a series of attacks conducted by the elusive group of hackers against US law enforcement agencies and copyright holders.

As RT reported earlier, Anonymous took credit for crashing the websites of the US Department of Homeland Security, which was quickly revived, and the FBI.

The CIA seems to be less prepared for fighting Anonymous than other agencies. If the work of was revived in mere minutes, the CIA’s site was still down even hours after the attack.

One of the twitter accounts affiliated with Anonymous explained the reasons of the attack: “We do it for the lulz,” referring to the popular online abbreviation “for laughs.”

In previous occasions Anonymous has orchestrated humiliating assaults with massive distributed denial of services attacks.

The technique also known as a DDoS, is a concentrated effort by multiple individuals to make a network busy to its intended users. The end results in a server overload.

Even though DDoS attacks are a violation of the Internet Architecture Boards’s proper use policy, it has become an effective tool for Anonymous to spread online mayhem.

The online group also released the audio of a conference call between the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Britain’s Scotland Yard counterpart targeting members of the largely untraceable group. It was done as part of the F**kFBIFriday campaign.

Along with the secret audio leak, numerous sites fell prey to Anonymous’ crippling assault including several entertainment industry giants and government sites.

The websites for the US Department of Justice and Universal Music Group were among the first to go, with the sites for US Copyright Office, Warner Music, BMI, and RIAA following suit shortly after.

These attacks were in retaliation for a raid on Megaupload, where the feds raided the file sharing service site which led to more than 20 warrants being served and several arrests internationally.

This is not the first time Anonymous takes down As part of a 51-day-long hacking spree, the Anonymous affiliated group LulzSec took down the CIA’s site for a few hours. The reason was the same as today: “For the lulz.”

Recorded Official USA History Nothing But Lies Since 1941

Educators suggested that the only solution would be to omit the period after King Mohammed Zahir Shah, whose ouster in 1973 ushered in an era of chronic political instability. Among those charged with crafting the new curriculum, there was near-universal agreement.

Foreign donors reviewed the books to ensure there was no religious content and that materials were well designed, but they made no suggestions related to the omission of recent history, Afghan officials said.

The high school textbooks were funded by the U.S. military’s foreign aid arm, the Commander’s Emergency Response Program.

U.S. military cultural advisers “reviewed the social studies textbooks, grades 10-12, for ‘inappropriate’ material, such as inciting violence or religious discrimination.

Content of these textbooks, such as events or dates, are the responsibility of the Ministry of Education,” said David Lakin, a spokesman for the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

“There were no discussions between [U.S. military] officials and the Ministry of Education on the teaching of Afghan history.”

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