Friday, April 13, 2012

JFK Kill Shot Closer Than Most Believe



Viewers see the driver of the limosine turn and fire!

The film is edited and the driver's kill-shot is not there. But the unedited, original, famous, Zapruder film actually shows William Greer shoot JFK!

Greer was a CIA agent who drove the limo. The shot came from the front because the President's brains were blasted BACK.

Jacqueline Kennedy ran for her life on the film. A natural reaction for her would have been to hold her dying husband.

Instead, she was running for her life and was pushed back into her seat by the Secret Service agent behind the vehicle.

Jacqueline knew this was a political hit by super-powerful thugs and carried out by the CIA.

American Mothers Target Of Dictator Hussein Obama

What a great teachable moment. What a fabulously wonderful and welcome teachable moment about the hostility on the left for average, ordinary Americans. It’s just wonderful. It’s such a great opportunity.

And we’re gonna explore it as deeply as necessary to make the point to you. In addition, everybody is shocked and surprised the unemployment number is up, unexpectedly, new claims for unemployment. The media is laughing now.

Even CBS is laughing at Obama and his focus on the Buffett Rule. Dana Milbank is laughing. Ezra Klein: George Bush tax cuts worked. The Democrats actually admit this. All we’re talking about is raising rates on the top 2%. Yeah, yeah, Washington Post, Ezra Klein, the new wunderkind.

Yeah, and we got the George Zimmerman arrest to discuss. A lot of pressure, by the way, in Florida on this. What’s the name of the law down there? Stand Your Ground.

I think we need to change the name, ’cause they’re trying to get rid of it, when in fact it’s not to blame for anything, but how about changing the name of the law to Resist We Much? Instead of Stand Your Ground, Resist We Much.

You’d have to pay Sharpton a royalty, but I’m sure that Eric Holder could see to that. The Resist We Much law.

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