Monday, February 27, 2012

Ghost Invisible Bikini Stills With Bobby Fuller Four

The Bobby Fuller Four are really rockin' out on this number, with it's great distorted guitar buzz and smokin' sax! The whole gang is just having SO much fun, it's beyond belief! It's The Swing A-Ma Thing!!

What at first glance apparently seems like one big advertisement for Wham-O's next new toy, something that's obviously going to be more popular than the Frisbee or the Hula Hoop in 1966, is in reality a song about the "Swing A-Ma Thing", a toy has never existed outside of this movie. It's an interesting concept, have the kids leave the theatre and want a new toy that doesn't exist. Daddy, I want a "Swing A-ma Thing" for X-mas!!! Wah, Wah!! Great, Thanx!!

Functional on any and all parts of the body as evidenced by these photos.

What the heck is this girl thinking?

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