Friday, February 24, 2012

Psycho A Go Go Stills

This Al Adamson film is like the seven dwarfs of filth: Sleazy, Slimy, Gritty, Dirty, Grisly, Grimy, & Cheap, but, you know, somehow, you just gotta love it. Now, "Psycho A Go-Go" ain't exactly a 'Horror' film, but it's got some 'Psycho' characters that's for sure, and you would have been sadly disappointed if we had left it out.

It's got another one of those quality 'brassy' soundtracks throughout the whole ordeal, and the kicker is, one of the main characters, Tacey Robbins as Linda Clarke is a singer, so the film fires right up with this first song, and trust me, after this, you have no idea what to expect!!

Once again Oscar winning Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond makes another el cheapo production into a work to behold, just like he did with some of our other favorites by Arch Hall & Ray Dennis Steckler. What a crazy rocket ride of a career! Thanx Vilmos!!!!!

Too weirdsville for only one post, we'll touch on some of the other insanity in this film later. If this one song doesn't make you want to go out & buy or rent this movie, then you need to check your pulse!

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