Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beast Of Hollow Mountain Stills

Music master Raúl Lavista is up again for that Tex-Mex flavor. Raúl also worked on these other fine Mexican projects: DR. CRIMEN, THE BRUTE, THE WITCH, LOST SOULS, CONQUISTADOR OF THE MOON, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and THE MONSTERS, ADVENTURE AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, LA LOBA and, on, and, on, and, on!


First, there's Pancho and his son Panchito. Pancho loves Tequila which adds some humor to the mix, even though he drinks because his wife died! Guy and Patricia Medina flirt on the side, even though she's engaged to an a-hole named Enrique Rios!

Enrique sees Guy with his girl so he decides to Pearl Harbor him with a whip! Check out the second pic where Guy gives a 'south-of-the-border' sucker punch!!

This is one down and dirty, physical movie, you really had to know your stuff to be in it, and, basically, do your own stunts, like Guy Madison was capable of doing. It looks like someone really got hurt doing one stunt with a horse.

Cool, a festival in the village!

Okay, so, its 61 minutes into the movie when this goofy set of dinosaur feets finally lumbers into view, then turns to face the camera! Cut to the monster standing there! You really have to watch this part closely to see the bad match of the two segments. For one thing, where's the tail?!

Mario Navarro plays Panchito, the kid can act!!

Patricia and Panchito get trapped inside this feed house as The Beast tries to get to them.

Oops!! Enrique didn't stay far enough away!

There's Guy doing another tough stunt. He lures The Beast into some quicksand and brings tonight's posting to an eventual end!

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