Friday, March 9, 2012

Bloody Pit Of Horror Stills

Well, here's another one only the truly depraved might be able to appreciate, but that's okay, however many of you are out there (Tom), this one's for you!!! We could give you ever minute of music & show you every still from "The Bloody Pit Of Horror," but you're still going to miss out unless you go and find a copy of this film for your very own. They'll probably be illegal someday anyway! Remember, "It's no fun being dead!" and that's right! Oh, Yeah, Great music beyond compare!
Bloody Opus

"Ooooh!!!, The Crimson Executioner, I'm scared!"

I am the Crimson Executioner, If I swing my upper torso around just enough, these chains will look really tough like real metal! Come and get your love, Ooh, Ooh!

Pretty cool looking giant spider!!
You gotta give Mickey Hargitay giant kudos for doing a helluva good job of looking like the perfect Pomegranate Phantom!

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