Monday, March 5, 2012

Horror Of Party Beach Stills

Are you ready for this? In 1964, the winner of The Academy Award for Best Film was "My Fair Lady" & believe it or don't, "The Horror Of Party Beach" wasn't even considered. If they both showed down at the local Bijou Theatre today, I'm willing to bet that "The Horror Of Party Beach" would have a bigger turnout, and I think that really says something about society in general! John Scott as Hank could have easily got the award for Best Actor for this scene alone compared to the tripe that Rex Harrison dishes out. That's Right! Okay, Audrey Hepburn is almost as hot as Alice Lyon's Elaine, but that's still an almost, and compare the music, no you can't, because there's No comparison! The Del-Aires Rock and Roll and the music from "My Fair Lady" will make you gag or worse and will suck for eternity! They should take it to court, and turn the award over to the real winner, Del Tenney!

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