Monday, March 12, 2012

Konga Stills

Man, that Michael Gough can be a devilish soul, & in "Konga" he probably plays his best role of a really 'not nice' guy. His assistant Margaret loves him; she's so lowly, she doesn't even have a last name and he treats her like crap. Sandra Banks adores his intellect, but has no clue that he's just a dirty old pervert after her bod, not her mind. He has his big monkey kill anybody that pisses him off, and he's growing giant phallic-looking, meat-eating plants in his greenhouse. Does that sound like a nice guy to you? Well, maybe by today's standards, but not back in 1961! Still, it makes for a great movie & should be riding high on your 'to do' list! Gerard Schurmann does a swingin' job on the music, just like he did on the other Michael Gough evil classic, "Horrors Of The Black Museum."
Having a casual conversation with the boss, Hey Mike, watch out, or you'll bust a blood vessel!

Stuck in the back of the truck, might as well break out the radio & listen to some cool tunes!

How bout that? Sandra Banks gets to ride up front!

Getting out of the rain, dancing, everyone's having a great time except, Sandra Banks' boyfriend Bob Kenton, who if Sandra had listened to, would still be alive, & she'd still have two arms!

Bob can't take it anymore!

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