Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lying Traitor George Clooney Should Be Turned Over To African Terrorists


We are dealing with the era of war in the name of peace. The Responsibility to Protect Doctrine is a deliberate call for preemptive war. This issue has been carefully crafted by the very individuals most responsible for the war in Libya, which helped put al Qaeda in power there and resulted in a black genocide and ethnic cleansing. It is time we woke up to the agenda hiding behind certain specifically-arranged “humanitarian” crises.

Actor George Clooney lends his famous face to spotlight the crisis in Sudan, adding another front to the “humanitarian” calls for intervention in Africa, coinciding with the KONY 2012 social experiment to deploy troops to Uganda.

Clooney just finished staging an arrest at the Sudanese embassy.

Looking behind this tear-jerking propaganda, it is extremely significant that Clooney’s running mate in this Sudanese mission is John Prendergast, not only a “human rights activist” as head of the NGO Enough Project, but a former member of the National Security Council and State Department.

He was second to now UN Ambassador Susan Rice, a bedfellow of current National Security Council ‘humanitarian’ Samantha Power and a member of the International Crisis Group, headed by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

That pedigree should raise eyebrows from any thinking person. If you think the very SAME groups waging wars across the globe will be the saviors of these victims, think again.

Sudanese in the Nuba Mountains are supposedly holding signs in English demanding justice at the International Criminal Court and asking the West for a “No Fly Zone.”

These signs are clearly manufactured, as they mirror buzz words chosen because they are part of an agenda long crafted by the likes of George Soros, Samantha Power and others.

Fellow traveler John Prendergast makes specific mention of the “Responsibility to Protect,” this doctrine is again branded to feed a call for another preemptive war in the name of humanity.

We have previously exposed this agenda, patently brought to life by these very groups.

See Secrets KONY 2012 is Desperate to Hide for further information on the agenda behind these causes, sympathetic in appearance but designed to open up AFRICOM military action while legitimizing the ICC world government organ.

Without a doubt, these Sudanese are victims, and what is happening there and many places is horrible. But it strains the imagination to see pro-establishment warmongers actually solving the crisis.

On the other hand, these players will certainly offer a solution– one that fits their agenda for greater power and more intervention overseas. That is textbook Hegelian dialectic, the problem-reaction-solution model.

The existence of a real problem does not make the solution they provide acceptable.

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