Monday, March 19, 2012

Mad Doctor Stills


John Ashley and Angelique Pettyjohn star in flick, he is doctor who like to travel and she going to see father who live on Blood Island.

Here Dr. Lorca, super bad guy who want change people into half plant, half man an' all eeech!!!!

Angelique make Tabonga bark smolder!!..... And for whoever not know, she was hottest STAR TREK gurlie of all time!!!

Uncut version really pour on da' gore! Dead dude try to fight monster but he do total crappy job!

Tabonga love this still!.. You know, monster tearing crap outta stuff!!

Some day, not worth getting out of bed. Today not that day!!

John find Dr. Lorca' lab with monster in cages and crazy moving plant! John do his own stunt too!!

Everything turn out okay when Dr. Lorca' lab go.. KA-BLOOIE!!!

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