Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mars Needs Women Stills With Tommy Kirk

Bubbles Cash whole movie career began and ended in 1967. She did two other films that year besides "Mars Needs Women", "Hip Hot and 21" & "Hot Thrills and Warm Chills." Maybe it had something to do with the Tommy Kirk Midas touch. Directed by no budget specialist Larry Buchanan, with music once again by the unstoppable Ron Stein, this TV movie comes across as some kinda Disney Sci-Fi, except when the Martians decide they need a woman who is a stripper, the movie gets pretty darn sleazy for 1967 TV. Too cool strip club twin sax, hammerin' piano, & crazy slinky guitar music at it's best, topped off with some lounge vibes, a wild little pop song off the radio, & back to the strip club again to take care of that stripper. Have a nice trip!

Here's Bubbles!!!! In 1967 TV movies, strip bars are full of old ladies in the audience!
They almost blew it, ordering a martini in Texas, Stupid Martians!!

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