Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Night Tide Stills

Here's the place where you can read the complete press kit for "Night Tide."


There is an uncanny amount of information, quotes, and bibliographical information about Dennis Hopper & director/writer Curtis Harrington and every other part of the film except, what else, who are the players in the club?

Yeah, they tell us over and over that the incredible Paul Horn is the flautist in the club scene, but for the other guys, Nada! I'm sorry, I want to know who's playing the trumpet, bass & drums too! Here's the short opening theme...
Night Tide ....and some seriously cooking music from the first point that Dennis Hopper comes on the scene. Probably THE coolest jazz from any movie of any time! "Great combo!" Indeed!!!!!
Paul Horn Combo
Paul Horn later in his career would record an album inside "The Great Pyramid," he also was the reed man in "Bucket Of Blood!" Yes, Paul is one of THE hippest men on the planet!

And there's even more!!
Now, really do yourself a favor, find a DVD somewhere & enjoy something special for a change, & don't forget to get yourself some fish & chips to go with it too, for the complete experience!

These people are so cool, they're drinking Pabst!!

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