Friday, March 30, 2012

Panther Women Stills

Music guru Mr. Conde have 267 composing credit that include these monster flick: DOCTOR OF DOOM, WRESTLING WOMEN vs THE AZTEC MUMMY, SHADOW OF THE BLACK HAND, NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES, SANTO, NEUTRON and more!!

Interesting theme, and Eegah!! include great ending too!!... READY, SET, GO! PANTHER WOMEN!!


Night Club!..

Hero and Science!..

One freakin' ugly Mummy!!..

Peeping Tom!..

Wrassling Panther Gurlz!..

...With sharp claw!

Panther Gurl run away and hide in tree!.. Hey, no wonder she Panther Gurl, panther climb tree too!! One minute later she get shot and she die!

Then Loreta Venus and Golden Rubi make Panther Gurl' mommie talk!

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