Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brain Eaters Stills With Leonard Nimoy

It's Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. This is another classic bad fifties flick that Eegah!! and I saw at the theater back in the day. In the movie reviews section of our '64 self published monster rag, DWRAYGER DUNGEON, well, what else, we gave it a bad review! Also, our band, HERMANOS GUZANOS, even did a sci-fi cover tune of it!

...A few weeks ago, Riverdale, Illinois was just another quiet small town. Then, on that Saturday shortly after midnight, a living nightmare began!.. This is the only script Gordon Urquhart ever wrote. Bruno VeSoto directs, Ed Nelson stars and produces, Roger Corman is executive producer. And, this is the only movie Corinthian Productions ever produced!

The music's by Tom Jonson, this is his only film credit. Anyway, get ready for our Terrorific Soundclip... Push the big red 'GO' button situated near and/or by the shelf of Tabonga Art, now, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here're some sounds of terror from... THE BRAIN EATERS!

One should never pass up the opprutunity to show a beautiful 1956 T-Bird! The metallic 'alien' structure is actually quite large, I'm trying to imagine how much of the slim $30,000 budget it ate up.

Senator Walter K. Powers shows up from Washington to find out what the Hell's going on around here! Played by Cornelius Keefe in his last role.

Love this shot of Dr. Kettering scampering through the tubular interior of the structure.

It was still legal to peddle Brain Eaters on the corner in 1958!

The mayor is infected by one of the crazy critters and ends up going berserk! Check out those wild camera angles.

Damn beatniks!..

Kettering accidently lets a small chunk of Brain Eater get onto his arm. His assistant, Alice, tries to help, but, what the heck can she do?.. Scream real loud!!

There's nothing much more unsettling than small weird things creeping around in tall grass at night, but, those white pipe cleaners they use for the antennae seem plain goofy! No one takes credit for the creation of these weirdo little monsters.

Alice is the next target of the underground conspiracy. This shot always bugged me... I don't know anyone who puts a light under their bed!

This obedient dude takes a fresh Brain Eater out and places it on the floor in Alice's bedroom. Looks like a bunch of hair from a grody shower drain!

A lot of people have been infected with the little parasite creeps!

Inside the thing, they find the lost Professor Cole, played by a bearded Leonard Nimoy, spelled 'Nemoy' in the credits. You can hear him speak in the soundclip.

After he barely escapes the rampant creatures inside with Professor Cole, Alice shoots Kettering at close range! Not his day.

Kettering sacrifices himself to assure that the power lines fall directly onto the structure, thus electrocuting all the little nut-brained eaters!..

We'll end der show wif' 'dis cool Mexican lobby card!

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