Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Spaceship On Venus Stills

Polish music man Andrzej Markowski making mucho interesting space sounds! Okay, step inside THE FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS!

Eegah!! need some praise for put together sound clip like tonight, so give dude credit!

And, title card not bad neither, Nancy! Sci-Fi font style seminal!

Here space travelers checking health before piling into spaceship!

So, all guy and gurlz go into space, then dude get smack in head!.. Nice bandage job!!

Seriously, awesome sets of Venus! Surrealistic, last pic show weird ancient building!

More great sets, Venus fight back with creeping sludge! So, Earth dudes take big powder and get back in spaceship and head home!

When land back on Earth, 'A' dudes have to hold back happy crowd!

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