Friday, April 20, 2012

Godzilla Stills

Hell, we just couldn't wait any longer!!!

If this doesn't look like Halloween, I'll eat Hedorah's shorts!

We've got a whole new slew of ever so obscure titles in the can for you, and this Halloween Countdown 2008 provides us a with a great opportunity to post something about one of our most favorite movies, even tho it's from the 70's!!

So, without further delay, let's just kick off this next round a day early, with some music to whet the tastes of even the most hardcore monster aficionados!!!

"Gojira Tai Hedorâ" has got it all! It's a classic romp, and an opus adventure that has some of the furthest-out rockin' music you'll ever hear, a message, and monsters!!!

So before the end of the world, or at least until All Saint's Day gets here, you've still got time to find yourself a copy of this film, ingest some forbidden substance, break out your old fish head mask, and prepare yourself to party!!

Here is what we like to call the ultimate "Godzilla Vs. Hedorah Jam!"

I could go on forever and a day about this film, and there's about 1000 screen captures I'd like to show you, but I've still got some partying to do myself.

Tomorrow night Rodan gets us started again, and will take us back to the 50's where we belong, with the Eugène Lourié classic "The Colossus of New York!" Stay tuned!!

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