Sunday, April 15, 2012

Police Threaten Witness In RFK Murder Coverup

The official LAPD audio tape of the lie detector test given to witness Sandy Serrano who claimed she saw a woman in a polka dot dress running from the Robert Kennedy assassination exclaiming "We shot him".
The interviewing officer, LAPD Detective Hank Hernandez, was rumored to have intelligence connections, which would explain his having administered a lie detector test to the dictator of Venzuela just prior to doing the same to Sandy Serrano.
The tape excerpt of the interview was obtained by Serrano's lawyers when she sued the LAPD.
I include this sample to prove an historical tendency for law enforcement officials with intelligence connections to harass and intimidate witnesses.
There is no confusing whatsoever that Hernandez' intent is to convince Sandy Serrano to alter her story.
Hernandez spent 50 minutes trying to get Sandy to alter her story. This covers only a small portion of what went on.

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