Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Traitor Hussein Obama Helps Birth Country Kenya


As Americans tightened their belts to pay federal taxes on time, the Obama administration is exploring what appears to be every way possible to use U.S. taxpayer dollars to stimulate the economy – in Kenya.

According to U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor, the White House has increased the flow of U.S. taxpayer dollars to Kenya, the land of his father’s (and his) birth.

“Kenyan businesses lately are increasingly becoming recipients of U.S. government largesse, as the Obama Administration, among pursuing other endeavors aims to expand ‘livestock-related economic opportunities’ in that nation,” the watchdog newsletter wrote.

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    It is clear from his policies, speeches, and actions, and this speech is a shout-out to the globalists, the Bilderbergers and their ilk. Before you call me paranoid, prove me wrong. He is a

    good man, but he has ideas that transcend provincial notions of politics, patriotism, and the world as we know it. He is thinking and acting for the sake of the future, and not for the continuation of any past glory for the US.

    No. He's Not a traitor and He was born in Hawaii, you retarded Klansman!
    No, he's a capitalist, not a comunist!
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