Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blood Of Dracula Castle Stills

Well, here's a real dichotomy for you, a very interesting film that is both hated and revered, directed by Al Adamson, another contender for worst film maker ever, and yet the music and especially this song were made by people of a completely different ilk! The lyrics for "The Next Train Out" were written by Bob Russell, a renowned songwriter for the movies who was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall Of Fame in 1970, the year of his demise. He had worked with some small time talent along the way, virtually unknown names like Duke Ellington, & Quincy Jones. "Next train to the moon," now that's some good writing!!! And, check this out , Bob's brother-in-law was legendary songwriter Bud Green who wrote the more than classic "Sentimental Journey." Can you imagine what those holiday family get togethers were like??

After extended research, we can still only guess that the singer on this song, Gil Bernal is the same Gil Bernal who was a vocalist, but was noted mostly as a saxophonist, who, among many other things, was the featured sax man with The Spike Jones Orchestra for like 6 years. If it's not the same guy, it should be! (Hey Gil, if you're out there, please write & clear this up for us!) Bottom line is, this is a Great song, and a very interesting movie that we will talk about again later. In the meantime, go get your own copy!

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