Saturday, February 25, 2012

Village Of Giants Stills With Tommy Kirk

Snippets and bits all thrown together in one tight cohesive package for your aural convenience, that's what it's all about. Just like we wish we could hear what Jimi Hendrix would be doing if he were around today, so it is with Bert I. Gordon & Jack Nitzsche. It would have been too cool to see and hear what they would have done together if they'd been given a little more time here. Alas, it's just a pipe dream but good fodder for thought on a cold winter's night! Enjoy what you can, while you can, here's a "Giant Jam" what am!!

Tommy has his game face on & is ready to rumble!!

Joy Harmon To The World!!
B.I.G. & Monkey Boy paying homage to Famous Monsters & Forrest J. Ackerman!
Fun's over, back down to normal size!!

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