Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day Time Ended Stills

Eegah!! gave us a soundclip for this flick, sooo, push the big red 'GO' button over there next to the hot pink whatchamacallit, now, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here're some sounds from... THE DAY TIME ENDED!

After an explosion of three stars in space, strange things start happening on Earth. This array of swirling lights reminds me of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS from three years earlier.

Then, at the Mojave desert home of the Williams family, this large neon green pyramid appears in the back yard! Natasha Ryan plays the small daughter, Jenny. Before this, Natasha was in KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and FATSO.

Later that night, this little space sprite appears in Jenny's bedroom and does some tricks for her. Apparently, because she hugged the pyramid!

Chris Mitchum plays concerned family friend, Richard. Chris and brother James are the acting sons of the iconic Robert Mitchum. And, by the way... It's Miller Time!

Something's preventing the Williams family from leaving their home, what could it be?!

From nowhere, this infernal machine appears. First, it threatningly chases the family around...

Then, it materializes some dinosaur-like beasts in the yard!

After one of the beasts kills the other, it turns it's attention to the house!

Just like in 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH and PUMPKINHEAD, this thing gets stuck with a pitchfork!

A yellow sphere comes down from the sky and attaches itself to the monster, then, sprinkles some cosmic pixie dust around and disappears the mean old thing!

The time warp seems to be slipping into the future, now, their land is part of a graveyard for machines from the past. Notice the futuristic buildings in the background. They did a crappy job of matching the shadow with the Phantom jet they pasted into the scene, on the right side of the top still.

So, at the end, things have settled down and they all look forward to living in the future...

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