Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teenage Gang Debs Stills

Yeah, you're right, it's not really a Monster Movie, but you can never have enough movies about whacked-out, psycho teenagers, and Lord knows we've already written about a few, so here's the facts Jack: It's Friday night and time to rock, and that's one thing this movie does!!!

For a lot of people in a lot of places, just like Joey, Nino, and Hawkeye here, it might not be the greatest time in history to be alive, but for any lovers of music or movies, it is without a doubt, the best time in history to be alive. Never has so much information and entertainment even been close to this accessible. Movies you thought you'd never see, and music you thought had been lost forever, and now a good deal of it is quite readily available. The super El cheapo East Coast JD flick "Teenage Gang Debs", is a freakin' great example and I wasn't really familiar with it, until Zillogord suggested checkin' it out, so I searched, and found out this film was distributed by those fine folks at "Something Weird Video", and not only was a very nice quality copy available for a very decent price, it was a double feature with yet another classic "The Teenage Strangler!" I cannot even possibly think of a better bargain, and after you hear this music, your mind won't give you any other option than to lay your grubby little mitts on a copy as soon as is inhumanly possible!!

Terry just moved here from Manhattan, and her parents don't understand why she doesn't want to hang out at home with them!

Well, the reason is, Terry is a tramp!! Here she is already in the sack with Joey, the "Prince" of the gang!

So Joey wants to put his mark on her with a cigarette or by cutting her, and Terry doesn't dig it, so she goes to #2 guy Nino, and turns him against Joey!! The amazing "Rumblers" style soundtrack really starts heating up as this film fades seamlessly from knife fights to club nights!!

And then the teenage madness jumps full throttle into high gear with, "Don't Make Me Mad", words and music by Steve Karmen with vocals by Lee Dowell, who kinda sounds like a poor man's Tom Jones!!!

A little over a month ago, we had a request (like this is some kind of 50's radio station) from our buddy Zillagord for the song "Black Belt", so here you go, man!! Thanx again for the suggestion!! I can think of no possible rationale why the Macarena or the Soulja Boy dance could become so popular, and this piece of history was left in the trash!!

Terry, Angel, Ellie, Maria, Shirley, and Sally are very displeased with all of Terry's shenanigans, so don't be some meathead loser, go get your own copy to find out exactly why they call it "Teenage Gang Debs!!"

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