Sunday, March 4, 2012

JFK Body Shield Guards Were Ordered To Stand Down


I came upon a video that shows the Secret Service men that were following immediately behind JFK limo pull back and stand down while Kennedy limo pulls forward -without them -for the final leg into the killing zone.

An agent puts out his arms and shrugs his shoulders with a look that says "What? Pull back?"

The names of the Secret Service agents who were following JFK limo are listed below in a statement made by the Secret Service Agent in Charge, Emory Roberts. The same Emory Roberts is seen standing up from the front passenger seat of the Secret Service agent car and gives the order to John Ready (running along the right rear of JFK limo) and Clinton Hill (running along the left rear of JFK limo) to stand down and stop running alongside of the President limo and to return to the Secret Service car following Kennedy limo.

It is John Ready seen on the right who had shrugged his shoulders three times and is perplexed as to why he should not continue running alongside the limo.

Perhaps Emory Roberts knew something was about to happen that Hill and Ready did not know.

11:55 am.

The President (right rear seat), Mrs. Kennedy (left rear seat)
Governor John Connally (of Texas) (right jump seat) Mrs. Connally (left jump seat) Roy Kellerman front seat, with William Greer driving, (SS car 100 X--top removed) departed Love Field.

Donald Lawton of 8 am-4 pm shift remained at Love Field with Warner and Rybka to set up security for the President departure for Bergstrom AFB, Austin, Texas.

The Presidential aircraft was due to depart Dallas at 2:35 pm.

The following persons departed Love Field in Secret Service Follow-up car, 679 X and were located in and on running boards of car as follows:

Emory Roberts -- front seat -- operating radio.

Samuel Kinney -- driving (did an excellent job).

Kenneth O'Donnell, Appointment Secretary to the President, left jump seat.

David Powers, Presidential Aide, right jump seat.

Glen Bennett, left rear seat.

George Hickey, right rear seat (manning AR-15 (rifle).

Clinton Hill, left running board, front.

William Mclntyre, left running board, behind Hill.

John D. Ready, right running board, front.

Paul Landis, right running board behind Ready.

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