Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Frame Of Abraham Zapruder Film Solves JFK Execution


Zapruder Film Frame 313

This video capture of frame 313 of the Zapruder film sickens some people when they realize that this clearly shows Secret Service Agent William Greer, shooting JFK.

Many would say that this is just a highlight on the passengers head - Roy Kellerman.

Don’t kid yourself!

The gun has been etched into a highlight to make you "think" it is Kellerman’s head.

And Robert Groden thinks that the gun is the chrome on the driver door.

Now, how come we can see this chrome through Greer body?

New kinda chrome?

William Greer, the driver of JFK limousine, and Roy Kellerman, the Secret Service agent who was in the front passenger seat, controlled everything that happened at Parkland Hospital in Dallas while the president body was there.

They stood next to the doctors trying to save JFK life, telling them "what happened."

It was Roy Kellerman that placed the bullet on the stretcher that matched the ammunition used by the Manlicher Carcano rifle that was placed in the Oswald-patsie snipers nest.

This planted "stretcher bullet" was necessary to corroborate the hole in Kennedy back that was put there by an cabal operative to further convince us that he was shot from the rear.

When Roy Kellerman was asked about this bullet, he replied: "it probably worked itself out during cardiac massage." Bullets cannot work themselves out because the inflammation process would hold them in.

Newcomb found out from his research that within 48 hours of the assassination before Oswald was arrested, the FBI questioned both Greer and Kellerman, treating them like suspects.

Kellerman statements to the FBI, found in the National Archives by Newcomb, all support JFK being shot from the rear.

His statement was that President said "'my God, I'm hit,' and then reaches around and grabs his back."

Anyone who has seen the Zapruder film knows that Kennedy first grabs his throat and then is slammed violently backward by a shot from the front.

Kellerman is lying through his teeth to save his butt!

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