Sunday, April 8, 2012

911 Witness Bruce Ivins Murdered

Bruce Ivins -- 9/11-linked "Anthrax Attacks" Patsy

After the FBI announced earlier this month that Bruce Ivins was the only suspect in the anthrax mailings of 2001, amid reports that he had died by his own hand after weeks of allegedly erratic behavior, local officials with jurisdiction over the case deemed it unnecessary to conduct a complete autopsy.
This decision will certainly fuel speculation that the government is once again trying to cover up activity which may at best be embarrassing to it, and at worst, reveal illegal activities, or even, as many would submit, government complicity in the murder of its citizens through an attack by a lethal biological agent.
The failure to conduct an autopsy can only remind observers of the trucking away of 9-11 steel from the collapsed World Trade Center buildings before it could be examined forensically.
In fact, to many, it is a tacit admission of guilt.

In light of the long tradition of unorthodox methods used by the CIA, in conjunction with other intelligence agencies, it is no wonder that people in Frederick are highly skeptical of the FBI's declaration of Ivins's guilt, and remain on edge.
In reaction to the representations of the FBI, the Washington Post has called for a probe into the way the FBI has handled its investigation of the anthrax mailings and of its accusations against Ivins.
In spite of Eric Olson's protestations in the press that the cases of his father and Ivins are quite distinct, many Frederick residents appear to be unswayed.

No autopsy for the mysterious death of the man accused of being behind the Anthrax attacks?
What are they trying to hide?

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