Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tentacles Stills With Claude Akins Henry Fonda & Shelly Winters

Itz Friday Night Drive-In wif' Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. What we gots here is one AIP flick that's almost impossible to like in any way! Even with a $750,000 budget and really big stars, it lacks any feel of authenticity, in other words... Pure garbage! The only reason for it's creation was obviously to try and capitalize on the success of JAWS. But, by far, the most pungent thing for me is that it's believed that they actually killed an octopus for the final scene. This one gets my middle finger up, Eegah!! hated it too!!

Here's pretty much the most boring soundclip Eegah!! has ever put together! Rufus The Gnat even refuses to push the big red 'GO' button, so, listen to 'dis!.. TENTACLES!

Okay here we go... The very first scene has the giant pus grab a baby in it's stroller from the edge of the shore!! That's what you lead with?!.. Douche!!

Then, this guy gets his face shredded by the thing's suckers! Are we having fun yet? One of the taglines sez "It's Turning the Beach ... Into a Buffet!"

These adventurous dudes use their small diving bell to do a little underwater exploration, to disasterous results natcherly...

I found this shot interesting enough to include.

Claude Akins plays the local Sheriff Robards. Claude had 226 acting credits, usually cast as some type of copper!

Heavyweight John Houston plays concerned local good guy, Ned Turner. He's just trying to figure out what's going on!

Heavyweight Henry Fonda plays distasteful businessman, Mr. Whitehead, owner of Trojan, Inc.

Heavyweight Shelly Winters plays busybody, Tillie Turner. What a name! Another weird thing, this movie has an all-Italian crew, and, they seem to make very odd, non-American visual and clothing choices at times!

Numbnuts here is about to lose a death match with our nemesis. That one stupid tentacle is what you see most of the time!

Hey, Italian brainiac director!.. This is NOT how people die at sea in the United States!!

It doesn't take much for the monster to destroy that little boat, good luck to the girl! Here's a bit of trivia, this is a Giant Octopus, but, the difference between a Giant Squid and a Colossal Squid is that the Giant Squid has suckers, the Colossal Squid replaces the suckers with long barbs that rotate 360 degrees! Craa-zy!!..

Some nighttime action!

Solana Beach is north of San Diego, in case you want to catch the Annual Junior Yacht Race in August... Looks like the little guy's taking a poop in the water!


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