Sunday, February 26, 2012

13 Ghosts Stills

Today is December 13! It's 13 days til X-Mas, if you count today! On the 13th day of X-Mas my true love gave to me, William Castle's 1960 "13 Ghosts" DVD! Here's the opening credits, How lucky can you get? It's a true classic, & the careers of the actors involved reads like a Who's Who of TV and movies. The music was composed by Von Dexter, who had himself quite a run with "House On Haunted Hill", "The Tingler", "13 Ghosts" & "Mr. Sardonicus," then he didn't seem to resurface until 1999! This isn't as much about music as it is about a lot of cool screaming and scary sound effects!

13 Burn!13 Book!Martin Milner who was especially creepy in this role went on to do 175 episodes of "Adam-12" among a host of other things.

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