Sunday, February 26, 2012

Castle Of Evil Stills

In this eerie little 1966 production, "Castle Of Evil", there's a small segment where Virginia Mayo, the mistress of the dead guy sings "Frankie & Johnny" acappella as kind of an icebreaker. That's followed with an organ piece leading up to the viewing of the body with some interesting dialogue! The music for this film is once again by the amazing Paul Dunlap, who we've talked about here before because of his work on titles like "Angry Red Planet", " I Was A Teenage Frankenstein", "Blood Of Dracula" etc, etc, etc!!! Paul is without a doubt, one of the best! Thanks for the good times!
Frankie & Johnny

Don't know why, but this dead guy Kovic, played by William Thourlby, the original Marlboro Man, sure looks an awful lot like Bill Clinton!

This organ plays itself.

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