Sunday, February 26, 2012

It Alive Stills With Tommy Kirk

Tommy Kirk looking cool as always but with a new look for this film, a white straw hat!
The Stern couple played by Corveth Ousterhouse, possibly one of the worst actors you'll ever see, but he does play a jackass to perfection and the stunning in yellow shades Shirley Bonne.

Well, I'm sure this movie or one of Larry Buchanan's other fine feature films would probably qualify as the 'Goose A Layin' day, ya know what I mean? "It's Alive" has a great soundtrack that I'm sure is bits & snippets Larry found in a trash can or laying around in a corner somewhere, and most of it is fairly normal orchestrated soundtrack type stuff, then suddenly, there's this opus as this lady goes on & on about why she is in this ridiculous situation, and there's lots of sweeping, churning, swirling strings, and right after she says "I Was Trapped", there's this kettle drum call & response by clarinet & el distorto guitar, followed by a sweet little short guitar piece that should appeal to all! There are no musical credits on, or for this film. It ain't dead,.....It's Alive!

And let's not forget to give Billy Thurman some credit here, no stuntman, and for a big guy, one of the best 'roll down the stairs' ever captured on film. What an unbelievable talent, and he plays a great madman to boot!!

Does she look like her husband just got killed by some horrible monster??

No matter what else, this is a very cool location!! Nice shot Larry!!!

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