Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Conspiracy Takes From Tyranny Crusader

This is Operation Northwoods.

During the Kennedy administration the defense department wanted stage terror attacks and blame them on Cuba as a pretext to got to war with them.

But when Kennedy saw this proposal on his desk he fired the person who wrote it! 

There is a document that shows that the USA helped Britain stage a coup to overthrow the Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953 and put the Shah of Iran into Power.

All because Mossadegh wouldnt give Britain his oil fields so they would have a monopoly.

Project MKULTRA.

A program where the Criminals In Action (CIA) conducted experiments on unwilling subjects to control their mind and behavior.

This isn't really a document but it is about REX 84 a plan that was passed in 1984. It would suspend the constitution and put the millitary in charge of the state and local governments, and detain anyone they deem as a national security threat.

Lieutant Colonel Oliver North wrote it.

When asked about it he sits back with a smirk and lets his lawyer answer and his lawyer does not deny it.

There is a FOX  news article that shows that Anwar Al-Awlaki, who was one of al Qeada's leading men and number three on the CIA capture and kill list, was invited to DINE AT THE PENTAGON MONTHS AFTER 911.

The USA military conducted experiments on their soldiers WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT during the Gulf War!. Infecting them with radiation, mustard gas, hallucinogens, and investigational drugs.

A speech by president Kennedy states that we are opposed around the world by a ruthless conspiracy, that silences dissenters, buries mistakes (and rules by) subversion instead of elections.

Keep digging TC...STENDEK

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