Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Patriot Bill Cooper Called Front Seat JFK Kill Shot


I read William Cooper book, Behold a Pale Horse, in 1995. This was the book which first opened my eyes to the New World Order gang and their takeover agenda.

Among many startling revelations in the book, Bill Cooper said that the secret service agent driving JFK limo, William Greer, could be seen in the  unedited Zapruder film placing a light colored (silvery or very light grey) .45 caliber automatic on his right shoulder, turning his head around and shooting JFK in the right forehead area which blew a huge gaping hole out the right rear of Kennedy's head.

After studying the Zapruder film, it's clear that Greer shoots Kennedy after Kennedy had already been hit with bullets from the rear (and probably a throat shot from the grassy knoll) which caused JFK to clutch his throat and turn towards Jacqueline who was sitting to his left.

According to numerous witnesses, including Jean Hill and Mary Moorman -who were standing only a few feet way - Greer had momentarily brought the limo to a complete stop after the first three shots from the rear and then quickly sped off.

The head shot to Kennedy's right forehead caused a massive explosion of blood and brain matter to burst around Kennedy's head and can be easily identified on photographs and in the unedited Zapruder frames.

While in the Navy, Bill Cooper had a job with access to a top secret vault which contained a Office Naval Intelligence (ONI) report that said that Greer delivered the shot which caused Kennedy's head to explode.

After years of lawsuits, Abraham Zapruder finally forced the FBI to return his film but what they gave him back was doctored. The doctored version removed critical frames and fudged other frames of the Zapruder film.
The doctored film has Greer turning his head much faster than is physically possible thus leading researchers to realize that frames were cut from the original print.
Since posting this article I have since discovered that the Zapruder film had been doctored to a far greater extent than I had originally realized.

The doctoring had gone FAR beyond merely removing certain, key frames and obscuring details in the frames that show Greer pointing his gun at JFK and firing the explosive pellet in Zapruder frame 313 that caused Kennedy's head to burst open so dramatically.

A conference took place a few years ago that dealt almost exclusively with the doctoring of the Zapruder film. At the time I originally wrote this article, I did not realize that Greer was using a SPECIAL made assassin gun provided by Criminals In Action (CIA).

Outwardly, the gun had the general appearance of a .45 automatic and that is why I referred to it as a .45 automatic, however, upon reviewing Bill Cooper's 46 minute Google video Bill mentions that Greer's gun was an ELECTRIC powered handgun which fired an exploding PELLET into JFK.

Therefore, the shots HEARD by witnesses observing the passing motorcade were coming from rifles from the grassy knoll area, the fence area, the sewer system and the Texas School Book Depository and possibly the Dal-Tex building.

Greer's gun did NOT produce the sound of a gunshot because the projectile pellet was propelled ELECTRICALLY and not from exploding gun powder.

While some witnesses SAW the gun in Greer's hand and saw Kennedy's head explode they did not HEAR a gunshot from Greer's gun.]

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