Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Timeline Of Federally Sanctioned JFK Murder Reveals Conspiracy


This timeline of events during the JFK assasination was compiled from "The Torbitt Document", "High Treason" by Robert J. Groden and Harrison Edward Livingstone, and "Murder from Within," by Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams.

12:15 p.m. CST - Jerry Belknap faints in Dealy Plaza. C.L. Bronson does motion pictures that include two men moving near the 6th floor window of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD).

12:25 p.m. - Depository employee Carolyn Arnold sees Lee Harvey Oswald near the front door of the TSBD.

12:29 p.m. - Geneva Hine, the only employee in the TSBD second floor notices electrical power and phones go dead. Note - assassinations are always "allowed to happen."

12:29 p.m. - Dallas Police Radio, Channel One, reserved for Presidential security goes dead for 4 minutes. Again, assasinations are 'allowed' to happen.

12:31 p.m. - William Seymour, FBI Division 5 team shooter fires three shots from the sixth floor of the TSBD, hitting Kennedy once in the back. Two shots miss. Seymour is a known Oswald look alike. Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig even identifies him as Oswald as he leaves the rear of the building. Craig was later shot to death it was ruled suicide.

12:31:02 - FBI Division 5 Team shooter Emilio Santana fires one shot from the Dal-Tex building striking Connally in the back. This was possibly to distract Nellie. There was no "magic bullet!"

12:31:03 - "Hatman", who some researchers say is Ricky White's father, fires a rifle, striking JFK in the throat. He is located on the right side among some bushes. He is identified photographically in the "Dallas Revisited" video and in "High Treason" stills.

12:31:04 - Permindex (a CIA front group) President Ferenec Nagy sometimes called "umbrella man" gives his umbrella signal for the fatal shot sequence that follows immediately. He leaves right away and is later seen in the basement of the Dallas Police Department hoping to "secure two of his employees." Oswald and Ruby??

12:31:06 - FBI Division Five professional Manual Gonzales, sometimes called "badgeman" fires once from behind the stockade fence with the only rifle that has smoke coming from the barrel. His 75° angle could not have been the fatal shot as many claim because JFK has not been slammed back against the seat nor is there any spray of blood visible in the Moorman Polaroid from which the badgeman image is taken. This most likely was a distraction shot. Covert operations are literally done with "smoke and mirrors!"

12:31:07 - William Greer - The limousine driver, brakes the car, turns and sees he still has a live passenger, and then takes the already drawn .45 Cal. Colt pistol in his left hand and rests it on his right shoulder firing the single shot that causes Kennedy’s fatal head wound. At least six people see him as noted above and five more people smell gunsmoke in the car. Fred Newcomb maintains that the gun was etched with bleach into a highlight and aligned with the top of the head of the passenger Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman, to make you "think" that this was just a highlight on Kellerman’s head. This is the source of many researcher arguments. Existing photos of Kellerman show him to not have a flat head nor a butch haircut. If we are to believe that is his head.....then it is FLAT AS A BOARD!

12:33 p.m. - The phone grid to key offices in Washington, D.C. went dead and stay dead for one hour.

12:35 p.m. - A teletype message about the assassination to cabinet members on a military plane enroute to Japan can’t be verified because a needed code book is not on board.

12:37 p.m. - STRAC bombers in the air at the time also can’t verify a message about the assassination because of the lack of a necessary code book. And, since these code books have to pass through 17 hands before getting on board the bombers, it seems likely that this may be a conspiracy. This particular item came from a interview by researcher John Judge at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Transcript of Hard Copy narration of zapruder film.

"Despite the theories, despite the movie scripts, the answers to who shot President Kennedy are right here in this film shot by a Dallas business man. It all depends on what you see."

Note - The timing of this broadcast would sugguest that it replaces a Hard Copy telecast that was to show "Dallas Revisited" and the story of William Cooper who lectures on the Kennedy assassination, alleging that he saw Office of Naval Intelligence briefing papers that confirm that JFK was shot by the limousine driver, William Greer.

Cooper says in his book, "Behold a Pale Horse," that an NBC executive ordered that the original episode not be aired and that the producer who arranged it, Bubs Hopper, was fired by Hard Copy.

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