Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Man With X Ray Eyes Stills With Ray Milland & Don Rickles

Just as Classic as you want it to be, the movie is "X" and the really funny thing is, it's not even X-rated. This film has a couple of the best scenes ever made. The combination of characters at Mentalo's sideshow is beyond compare. Don Rickles at his sarcastic best,(really not very funny, and almost scary), combined with Jonathan Haze & Dick Miller makes for a true wonder to behold!
Don Rickles
Besides that, here's the swingin' little intro piece as they head to Las Vegas to clean up. Being able to see through card's has got to be every gambler's ultimate fantasy, and Les Baxter's music adds just the right touch! Ray Milland is absolutely perfect through the whole thing!

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