Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Night Tide Stills

Back in about 1965, my Dad brought home an album called "Jungle Echoes" by Chaino & His African Percussion Safari that he bought somewhere for about 69 cents after he'd won $1.75 playing pinball, back when pinball machines actually paid off, and on that Chaino LP I remember there was all this freaky jungle bongo percussion unlike anything else we'd heard before, but I never really thought that over 40 years later I'd be talking or writing about it. Oh, Well.... here you go. Chaino's bongos in the movie "Night Tide" are riveting as Mermaid Gal dances & dives into a frenzy of percussive madness.

Dennis Hopper's pretty cool until she goes about 3 & 1/2 steps too far and loses it! This is a very interesting film that needs to be re-discovered if you're not doing anything else!

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