Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zapruder Still Captures Front Seat Kill Shot


Emory Roberts:

"It is estimated that we were traveling about 20-25 miles an hour at the time of the shooting, and it is believed that the follow-up car was approximately. 25 feet behind the President's car."

We now know from statements provided by Jean Hill, Mary Moorman, and others that JFK limo came to a COMPLETE STOP at the moment that William Greer shot John Kennedy and even the doctored (missing) Zapruder frames gives the impression that the car had slowed down to a near crawl.

You can see from the Zapruder film that Roberts Secret Service car was following immediately behind JFK limo at the time of the shooting and certainly not 25 feet in back of the limo.

The video I received on DVD was a file in which the frame by frame quality of the video varies tremendously. Some frames show the video quite sharp and distinct while other frames are highly pixelated and you can't see much detail.

I tried to capture the sharpest looking individual frames so you could see the moment to moment action of Greer.

I have posted some still frames from the Abraham Zapruder clip showing Greer a moment before the head shot, the head shot itself with its attendant explosion of blood and brain tissue and the milliseconds following the fatal shot as Greer withdraws the gun from his right shoulder and down to his left side.

He then speeds away.

When you enlarge a still frame, although you loose sharpness of detail, you notice things that aren't apparent when viewed as a normal sized photo.
I noticed that the top-of-the head hairline of Roy Kellerman seems to have been doctored to appear higher than it actually was, in order to give the impression that his "hair" meets the bottom of the gun and lead you to think that the gun was just a glint of reflection off the top of Kellerman's head-as many deceived viewers claim on the blogs attending the on-line videos.
Since Bill Cooper published his book around 1994 it is possible that Larry was working on the story about the same time.
Of course, Bill Cooper saw the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) report likely in the early 1970s or late 1960s, so he was privy to the information for a long time before Larry I am sure, but publication is what counts, so I do not want to take anything away from Larry's efforts either.
Secret Service agents William Greer and Roy Kellerman took chage of the Kennedy assassination coverup from the moment they arrived at Parkland Hospital.
It was likely Kellerman who placed the magical "pristine" bullet on Kennedy's stretcher which "proved " that Oswald was the assassin.
According to Larry, it was Greer and Kellerman who arranged to hide Kennedy's body inside a military coffin that was taken out the back of Parkland Hospital.
It was necessary to surgically alter Kennedy's head wounds so it didn't appear that a bullet had entered Kennedy's forehead. Kellerman even had to pull his gun out to stop the Dallas coroner who was attempting to open Kennedy's "official" casket in order to examine the body.
A scuffle ensued with an FBI agent.
Obviously, weights had been substituted inside Kennedy's "official" casket which was off-loaded in Washington and seen by TV viewers around the world.
I rearranged some of the paragraphs and photos from Larry's original article to make the data flow more evenly.

I want to publicly thank the fellow who sent me the DVD and the link to the Larry Jamison article.

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