Sunday, March 18, 2012

Espiritismo Stills

Music Man Gustavo César Carrión is Mexican national treasure! Here just a few more monster movie he compose for: SANTO vs FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER, MADAME DEATH, ISLAND OF THE DINOSAURS, THE CURSE OF THE CRYING WOMAN, THE EMPIRE OF DRACULA and so, so many, many more. Search for other titles by him already posted here at Dungeon!!

Eegah!! been gettin' pretty dang creative wif' these sound clips lately, tonight no exception. Wait til you hear 'sermon' at end!!.. Pure oro!!!.. DON'T MESS WITH SPIRITS, KIDS!! Oh, no drinking either!!

Dude' want make cult club and talk to spirit and find out stuff they not suppose to!! Nice place!!!

During seance, spirit pop in and scare bejeezers out of club member and not even apologize!

Then, lady look in mirror and see how she look without make-up... Kinda ugly!!

Finally, dude learn how to reanimate. Start wif' hand. Well, it get away and what else?!.. It want strangle stuff!!. Sheesh! Anyway, you see it crawl out of fireplace and come for you!!!

At end, selfish mom and pop bring back dead son. Oops!.. Now, real horror begin!!!

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