Sunday, March 18, 2012

Terror Is Man Stills

Come wif' warning, so wead vewy vewy carefuwwy, wabbit!!

New music makin' dude here at Dungeon is Ariston Avelino. Other 'Blood' movie he work on is THE TWILIGHT PEOPLE. He compose for total of 39 flick and start in 1939!

Get ready now, here come... THE BLOODY CREATURE!!

Richard Derr survive shipwreck and end up on island run by mad doctor Francis Lederer! And, not to forget steamy Greta Thyssen who is doctor' wife an' helper!..

Something creepy goin' on around here!

Greta pretty loose gurlie!.. Just the way Tabonga like 'em!!

Richard try to help doctor but that totally piss off Creature!

Creature not know why Greta scream so loud. For Monster, he pretty good looking!

Dummy of doctor thrown off cliff by Creature at end. Dummy' feets position crack Tabonga up!!

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