Sunday, March 18, 2012

Magnetic Monster Stills

Wow, an' here is nice lil' yuletide su'prise from year 1953! Science producer guy Ivan Tors makin' RIDERS TO THE STARS and GOG the next year. In 1955 he produce SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE for TV!.. A-MEN, brother!!

Tonight music dude Blaine Sanford compose for one flick only, this one!! Good stuff though, so, give listen to a MAGNETIC MONSTER!

Flick begin with Richard Carlson contemplating uncertain fate of world as he look at Magnetic Monster through lens... Oh, lordie, when did whole crazy nightmare start, anyway??

Well, remember, it start last Tuesday, 3:16 pm!.. You and boys watching stag film you cop in big Commie bust when boss come in and say, "Get back to work!"

Poor Richard, he get nag from both ends!

When fish line want go UP, well, something terribly wrong!!.. Scientific fact!

A-MEN dude track down Monster to creepy Dr. Denker who make thing in mad lab... Now, everbloody gonna die!!

Richard have to take Monster and put in nuclear-powered Cyclotron to control growth.

Here is look at Magnetic Monster!

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