Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fiend Without Face Stills

Our friend Buxton Orr didn't do that much, but, check out this nice lineup of movies he supplied the music for: THE HAUNTED STRANGLER, CORRIDORS OF BLOOD, FIRST MAN INTO SPACE, DR. BLOOD'S COFFIN and THE SNAKE WOMAN! Not bad! So, here's FIEND WITHOUT A FACE!


Look at the cool high-tech crap they had in 1958!! There's an atomic radar screen there (Cheney would be jealous!) and the power station supplying all the juice!

But, locals are starting to die whenever they run the machine, so, the American military is being blamed, naturally. They're in Canada. The doc explains to the brass that given there are puncture wounds in the back of the neck where the brain and spinal cord were sucked out, he thinks it is some kind of "mental vampire!"

Kim Parker has no idea that Marshall Thompson has let himself in as she bolts out of the bathroom after her shower! That image was used in the poster!! Anyway, Marshall doesn't seem to mind!

The invisible thing is super creepy as it slithers across a rug, and, if you survive an attack, is it really worth it?!!

They finally narrow the perpetrator of the terror down to Kim's boss, the weird old Prof. Walgate, who's been experimenting with brain waves and who's also been stealing atomic power for the station!

The damn things become visible, so, Marshall and Kim get to watch as three of the monsters attack the professor after he escapes from the house!

Marshall hoofs it to power station while the rest of the gang have to try and defend themselves against the fiends. The real hero is Constable Gibbons, look at him peel off those hellish demons!! The middle shot shows one as it leaps onto Kim!

Marshall finally blows up the power station, and, well... It gets pretty disgusting!

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