Thursday, April 5, 2012

Revenge Of Dr X Stills

Who know who do music?! Not Tabonga, but Tabonga tell you this stuff is cool, man!! PLANT MAN MUZIK!

Science dude James Craig flipping out so he take vacation to Japan.

He start working on project though, he want mutate plants! He hire topless gurlz diving down and get special plant on ocean bottom for him make experiment! Gurlz do great job for about 5 minutes!!!

So, he hang in there and make plant man mutant dude! Too cool, have Venus Fly-Trap hand!!

But, damn thing get loose and kill worthless village person. Well, everbloody go nuts and try find it, and burn with torches! That Tabonga worst nightmare, hot torches!!

James decide he have to go find monster, he use goat lure to find because thing hungry, then he kill creation! You look James' hand and see he turn into monster too!

He hear something and turn around to find hungry plant dude. Now what?!

Remember, Eddie writing story so not have to really make sense! Anyway, monster push James off cliff. Find this flick and check it out, no kidding!

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