Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monster Of Volcano Stills

Really, I'm not kidding this time, Happy Halloween y Feliz Día de Todos los Santos!!!! AAiieeeaahhhhiieee!!!!

Not to be confused with the 1955 Japanese release "Gojira No Gyakushû" (The Volcano Monster), a Godzilla film, Oh, No, tonight's feature is the 1963 Mexican film "El Monstruo De Los Volcanes," or as we affectionately know it, "The Monster Of The Volcano" or as it is sometimes referred to, "The Big White Fuzzy Stupid-Looking Thing That Looks Like It Escaped From Sesame Street!!!"

This movie has practically everything you could want from a movie! It's got girls!!

It's got action!!

And even more action!!!

And it's got "El Gordo Blanco" also known to his amigos as "Fatso!"

"Hey baby, how about a hug???"

They actually pushed 'El Gordo de los Volcanes' off a cliff at the end, I didn't really get it!!!!

With Original Music by Sergio Guerrero, who not only did a lot of music for Mexican masked wrassler lucha libre and horror flicks, but also for some of those all-time classic titles like "Pancho Tequila", "The Princess Hippie" and "Rebels A Go-Go!" Born in 1921, Maestro Sergio just passed away in the beginning of this year, but at least we have his music to remember him by!!

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