Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last War Stills

Halloween, Schmalloween, it's time to get serious, and here's what I'm talking about, "Party like it's 1999" in 1961, because it's Armageddon Time, and unlike me, Toho wasn't playin' around! Ikuma Dan was chosen this time for the music instead of Akira Ifukube, probably because his résumé included a lot of war films instead of giant monster movies!

Nobody ever said that end of the world was going to be some kind of laugh fest, and this film is duly lacking in the humor and light department!!

Godzilla was only capable of wiping out small countries, in "Sekai Daisenso" they destroy the whole world. Like, 30 seconds and counting!!!

This is one film that you are guaranteed that there will be no Part 2, nor will there be part 2 to anything else ever again! They felt it needed to be said and so they did it!!

The Last War" is an anomaly because it's got all the same players you're used to, but this go round, it's Real Horror, Real Scary, and Real Ugly. This happy family, just like every other family on earth is about to die!

It's literally the end of the world, what can I say? Conceptually, this movie is a bummer!! Happy Freakin' Halloween!!!

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