Thursday, April 12, 2012

Man From Planet X Stills

Super-duper title card!! Make you think they like rivet a lot out there on Planet X!

Music dude is Charles Koff, he only work from 1946-56. Other 'monster' flick he compose music is CAPTIVE WOMEN. But, he also compose theme for TVs TOPPER and work on 69 episodes!! So, here is spacey music to enjoy from THE 'LIL GUY FROM PLANET X!

Weird thing going on out there, in space!! So, reporter Robert Clarke show up in Scotland to see science geek friend Professor Elliot, and get low-down on new planet he find coming near Earth! And, who there?! William Shallert, that who! But, Robert hate his guts... Long story.

Enid find rocket out on moors. Tabonga want to know why professor set up observatory in foggiest place on planet?!

Second pic show cool rocketship interior. Too bad it look all wrinkly!

Man, William mean SOB here, he want dude's ray gun to make big bucks, so he beat him up and turn off Planet X air and make him choke!.. He actually supposed to be teaching English to 'lil space dude!!

So, as Planet X come close to Earth, making lousy weather... Hey, like US secret weather manipulation program!! Anyway, the Army come out and blast crap outta stupid space rocket! They shoot an' shoot an' shoot an' shoot!!! An' guess what??.. THEY MISS!!!!

When Planet X come whizzing by, what you know, everbloody look up!

HEY, ROBERT!!.. Watch hands!!!

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