Thursday, April 12, 2012

White House Muslim Attacks Memory Of Ronald Reagan

So now we find out that not only was Ronald Reagan for tax increases on the rich, Ronald Reagan was pro-abortion. Have you ever stopped to realize this bunch of people, the Democrat Party, Barack Obama, they hate Reagan.

They have always hated Reagan. They engage in revisionist history about the Reagan years. But when they need to move their agenda forward, when they need to marshal support for what they’re trying to do, who do they invoke? LBJ? No. Teddy Kennedy? No. JFK? No. RFK? No. Bill Clinton? No. They invoke Ronald Reagan, the beloved Ronaldus Magnus.

Now, what does that tell you? They have to take one of the most popular presidents in history, a Republican, a person with whom they have absolutely nothing in common and without any agreement whatsoever and try to convince the American people Barack Obama is Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan did what Obama’s doing. It is shameless. It is offensive, and, like everything else Obama is doing, it’s a lie.

But here’s the problem with this. The Republican establishment — and we discussed this during the elongated primary process — the Republican establishment is scared to death of conservatives, scared to death of a conservative nominee, because their formative lesson is the Goldwater landslide defeat.

That’s what they think will happen, or would have happened had the nominee been an unabashed conservative. So they’re happy.

The Republican establishment is happy ’cause now there won’t be this massive landslide defeat because we don’t have a conservative. They do not look to 1980 and 1984 and see two massive landslide victories.

But it gets tiresome, and it’s frustrating at the same time. We’ve talked about this countless times before.

Obama, last night, right here. I mean he was within a nine iron, effectively, at least as Hank Haney hits ‘em, from where we are right now in Palm Beach Gardens, and he said, “This election will probably have the biggest contrast that we have seen maybe since Johnson-Goldwater of ’64, maybe before that.”

But for God’s sake, folks, look around. The US is not anything like it was in 1964 when Goldwater lost in a landslide. The country does look almost exactly like it did in 1980 when Reagan trounced Carter. That’s the lesson.

The lesson here is that Obama is the second term of Jimmy Carter. But here they trot out Reagan and any other conservative that they think will help them remain in office.

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