Saturday, March 31, 2012

Abbott & Costello Meet Invisible Man Stills

Hey!.. Eegah!! made a soundclip for our listenin' pressure, sooo, push the big red 'GO' button, there next to the mutton, now, Rufus The Gnat! Here's some audio from... ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN!

As you can hear in the soundclip, Bud and Lou have just graduated as detectives from a crime school, notice the official diploma and 'detective' attire. Heaven help us all!

Arthur Franz was in a lot of cool fifties monster flicks which includes this impressive line-up... FLIGHT TO MARS, INVADERS FROM MARS, BACK FROM THE DEAD, THE FLAME BARRIER, MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS and THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE!! Here, he plays boxer Tommy Nelson, who's been framed for murder. His girl's dad, a doctor, has perfected an invisibility formula and Tommy just injected himself with it. All chased with a typical reaction by Lou!

What a beautiful shot!

This is a great part, where Tommy drives the car as Bud and Lou have to sit in the back. This motorcycle cop pulls up beside the 'driver' to pull him over, but, ends up at the psychiatrist's office instead!

But, the best part has to be here, where Lou impresses the crowd with his super dexterity on the speed bag! Tommy, who's invisible, is actually the one doing the work, as Lou pretends. It's freakin' hilarious!! Anyway, Louie The Looper introduces himself to the world... That's Sheldon Leonard there on the left as local crime boss, Boots Morgan.

This crazy comedy wouldn't be complete without scenes like these, the card game and dinner at a restaurant. Their waiter is played by Syd (the malt shop owner in THE CRAWLING HAND) Saylor.

Here, Adele Jergens puts the make on Louie. She plays Boots Marsden, Boots Morgan's scheming partner. Adele played Ruby in one of our favorite fifties flicks, DAY THE WORLD ENDED!

Bud and Lou have to carry an inebriated Tommy back to their room! William Frawley plays the bewildered house dick.

Rocky Hanlon is Tommy's arch enemy in the ring and works for Morgan. Louie and Tommy have Rocky wondering what the Hell's going on around here!!.. Gremlins?!

At one point, Tommy gets knocked out and Louie has to defend himself against Rocky, who's really pissed!! But, in the end, Tommy knocks Rocky out for the count and Louie wins the bout.

Tommy gets Boots to confess to framing him for the murder.

The doctor's giving Tommy a blood transfusion in order to save him after one of Boot's men tossed a knife into his chest, and, the transfusion's causing him to turn visible again!

Wouldn't you know it, Lou was the only one with the same blood type as Tommy.

Of course, the procedure causes Lou to turn invisible, making for the perfect ending!

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