Saturday, March 31, 2012

Red Riding Hood & Monsters Stills

Tabonga show all three title: Original Mexican title 1962, K. Gordon Murray title 1965 and theatrical re-release title year unknown.

Flick pretty much a musical!! Lot o' clumsily translated lyric for you listening enjoyment tonight! Music man Raúl Lavista have 274 composing credit including LA LOBA which Tabonga have on order! RED, TOM, STINKY, EVIL QUEEN AND MONSTERS!! Sound like Mighty Mouse singers!

Story about bad Queen who jealous of Red Riding Hood. What she want is kill Red with monsters!

Wow, look at great set and costume!! Top pic look like freakin' Dali painting!!

Red actually opera singer in disguise, and she have all the moves. Oh, there Tom, Stinky and White Fang too!

Flick have some really ugly part. Torture very popular for Dick Cheney, but should not show to kids. Monsters tell kid, "We boil you alive!" or "We gonna skin you!" Turn Tabonga off, big time!..

CARRUMBA!! Big dumb robot from SHIP OF MONSTERS and ROBOT vs THE AZTEC MUMMY show up in tonight fairy tale! Viva la Mexico!!

Then, after Red let loose, kid play pinata party with oaf who have them captured in cave!

Oh, and Queen have kool mad lab to make monster!!

Here monster dude catch Red and gang in cave! But, 30 second later Tom start him on fire with torch and then he get beat up by kid slapping him hard!

Queen' henchmen ready to saw giant and big bad wolf in half! Wolfie spit on bad guys for comedy relief. Finally, Red come in and save dude' sorry asses! So, Red and gang save the day... Hooray!

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