Saturday, March 31, 2012

Monster Of Toros Stills

Hello everbloody!.. Tonight Tabonga go to brink of Weirdsville to bring you this Turkish delight! An' boy, it weird!

There no music credit of course, but dude kickin' butt on sitar!.. 1961!.. MONSTER OF TOROS! Oh, no title card neither, Nancy.

People lookin' for some cavedude in mountains so get musical send-off from locals.

See what can happen when distracted by sex?!.. Doofus cavedude find you first!!

Look interesting, so cavedude give it a try!..

Oh, look, gurlie wakin' up!

Hey babuh!.. What you sign?!

Beautifil gurl show stupid idiot how to drink water and look at result!! Brainiac give monster bad name!

Great, now show off eating skills. Dude really startin' to get on Tabonga' raw nerve!

Then, cavedude get to listen to swingin' music on gurl' radio!.. This where Tabonga want to toss grenade into room!

Okay... He not all bad!

Finally, people find cavedude outside and shoot him in back! Then they put him in barn where old maid lady comfort him before place start on fire and kill them both!!..

DAAAANG!.. Oh well, at least someone love him!

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