Saturday, March 31, 2012

Living Corpse Stills

That caption says it all!!! So tighten up your straight jacket one more notch, because "Tonight Will Be A Beautiful Dream!!" for all of you!!

The story of Pakistan's "The Living Corpse" starts right here!

Dr. Aqil Harker drinks that krazy lab stuff and turns into a vampire!

Of course, then he has to initiate his beautiful assistant!!

And then, of all things, the movie actually begins!!!

I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and tell you that "Zinda Laash" has some of the most fascinating music of any we've written about since "El Rostro Infernal!"

It's so cool that I don't even need to tell you who this guy is and what's about to happen to him!!

I will tell you that the music composed by Tassadaque Hussain is all over the place. Now, don't forget this movie was made in 1967 Pakistan when I tell you that the first part of the music is a swingin' cartoonish version of the "Mexican Hat Dance" that is followed by some off-beat spaghetti desert guitar driven sand surfin' instrumental akin to something by Al Perry, followed by some spy lounge world pop psycho snake charming music with a drum solo!! Yeah, That's right!!

Hypnotizing, Isn't she???

AND...... That was all before The Band comes on!!!!!!

Hey!!! "When Youth and Beauty are combined in one, All is Forgiven, All is Fun!!!" Hey!!!

"All is forgiven, All is fun!!!!" P.A.R.T.Y!!

Then the movie goes all Buñuel on you, same people, different time, now it's all modern, zzup??

Then they fry the Pakistan Dracula and it's all over, but what a workout!!!

I love this movie, and If you like swingin' wild weird world music as much as I do, then this is by far the current movie of choice for you!!!

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