Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beginning Of Time Stills With Forrest Ackerman

Music is total dudsville except for beginning and end, so turn out okay. Sound like cool Sci-Fi Jazz! BACK IN TIME!

Okay, so, 4 wild and crazy kid go to American Natural History Museum in NY!

They go in row boat and paddle into past through tunnel-o-love!.. Jus' kidding!!

They have to push boat through Ice Age... Row boat not work that great on ice!!

They see Woolly Mammoth and they goof aroun' in caveman' cave!.. They kinda nosey!!

Duuuhhh... Which way did they go, George?!!

So, kid keep going back farther in time and keep seeing very cool creature along way!

It seem pretty obvious, Karel dig FANTASIA!

Kid find dead Stegosaurus an' climb on like carnival ride!

Tabonga need beret wif' puff ball on top!

Kid just keep goin' back in time until they reach 'The Beginning.' Then guess what??!.. They wake up from nap an' are back to present inside museum all safe an' sound!!.. What gives?!

Forry hear Dungeon say ~ Goodbye......

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