Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mummy Versus Jackal Stills With John Carradine

Part 02 of
"The Mummy And The Curse Of The Jackals!!"

So The Mummy dude that was in charge of taking care of Connie decides to check out some of the casinos in Las Vegas! The desert tie-in had to be a streak of genius of director Oliver Drake, or as he was affectionately know as, O.D.!

The Mummy is not real subtle about his abductions, walking right on stage or into a stripper's dressing room! Yet, somehow, lumbering around, he gets away with all of it!!

I'm starting to think that maybe O.D. was responsible for some of this music, since he had a background in soundtrack music! The cat also has a stretch of credits in Cowboy flicks as director, producer, and writer going back to the 1920's!

O.D. also had the writing credits for the 1944 feature, "The Mummy's Curse!" Is this all starting to make sense? Are you starting to understand this movie now??

John Carradine joins the foray towards the end of the film and does the normal cosmic exemplary act, that he always puts in, and pulls off, no matter where or when!!!

So, sure, a whole bunch of other stuff happens, but this film is basically two rampages put to music, one jackal, one mummy, in Las Vegas, and then Connie, the conniving B gets what's coming to her in the end, no more film roles!!!

Good Movie!!! Good night!!

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